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One Wellness Canmore Massage

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Our Massage Services

We know a thing or two about living full and active lives...

Busy lives take a toll on healthy bodies and minds. No problem, we help you take care of you. We listen, notice where you hold tension, observe your breathing and assess your skin and muscular cues. We work with you and your body to release tension, address imbalances, and restore you to a state of harmony and balance.

Strength + Performance Sports Massage60 minutes $13590 minutes $195{ Request Appointment }

Engaging life at full throttle takes dedication. We support athletes as well as those who live life in the extreme by way of travel or sitting for long hours basking in the glow of a computer screen. To reach your highest potential and live with determination, we enhance your physical, mental and energetic performance through the use of specific, specialized bodywork techniques.

Our process supports our following Active for Life goals:

  • Get rid of your pain: Addresses chronic pain to specific areas of the body such as neck, back, shoulders, knees and hips
  • Get back on your game: Promotes strength, flexibility, endurance and stability
  • Live your dreams: Supports cross-discipline training, stimulates recovery and promotes energy

These Active for Life goals are also explored in sessions with our Physiotherapists, Fitness Experts and Wellness Coaches.

One Wellness Personalized Massage60 minutes $13590 minutes $195{ Request Appointment }

Personalized means we honor the uniqueness of you. We use an assortment of tension relieving techniques such as deep tissue, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, aromatherapy and heated compresses to help bring mind and body in sync. Just had a baby or maybe you've got a little one on the way? We'll tailor an experience to meet these special needs.

Stone Massage90 minutes $225{ Request Appointment }

Our river rocks warmed to the perfect temperature and skillfully applied become the catalyst for a powerful tension relieving experience and the nurturing restoration that your muscles crave.